В 2018 году наш лагерь не работает! При открытии лагеря будет сообщено на сайте!

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Rainbow Camp is located in the south coast of Black Sea in Black Sea coast city, which is only 200 kilometers far from Sochi, the most hot point in Russia.

We have everything to spend the time well: warm and sunny summer, wonderful Black sea coast, green parks and comfortable living zone.

We have the special summer program for kids. It allows to improve their level of English language in Summer camp’s conditions.

We speak English every day, play funny games, performances, read interesting books with them and go to the sea swimming together.

We know that summer is not the best time for lessons, therefore we’ve made it too short and interesting.

You `d better to spend your time on the stadium or beach, dance or sing, have a new friendships... but don’t forget to speak English!

If you adult person over 18 years and you speak English well, you will be able to included in our program as a volunteer. Potential candidate skills: love to children, tolerance and friendliness. Be ready to involved in our team!


Main page